go for gold!

It really is amazing how tastes can change, isn’t it? For years  I have loved the cool , modern feel of all things stainless, but this love has started to lessen just a little .

I am absolutely loving gold at the moment- and just in time for fall and winter, as it provides a sense of warmth to any room.  Add some glitter to your space now and you’ll be ready for Christmas early this year 🙂

The best thing is that you can mix metallics quite easily, so you do not have to get rid of all those stainless steel appliances and accessories you already own.

As with anything “new” in home decor, start with a few touches of it throughout your space- too much will ruin the effect. It looks fabulous both in neutral and coloured rooms- black, navy, purple, orange, green- to name a few.

Could it be that the glory days of stainless steel are coming to an end ? Or is this gold obsession in fashion and the home just a passing trend?  I  can’t really say for sure – but let’s just enjoy it for now !


About homedecoratingandstaging

I'm a home decorator and home stager. I love to make your home look fresh and new using your own items in new, creative ways.
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2 Responses to go for gold!

  1. Kailee says:

    absolutely gorgeous!! loving this trend, and the inspirations in this post! xx

  2. Gorgeous inspiration photos! I’m all about gold tones right now too. Spray painting some table lamps gold this afternoon, in fact. 🙂

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