Interior Design Show 2012

The annual interior design show was on again last week, and once again, it was an amazingly inspiring event!

For those of you who didn’t make it there , here are some photos for you to enjoy. Please overlook the quality of the pictures- I am definitely not a photographer as you can tell 🙂

This is what we saw as we entered. It was made of long strips of raw felt- very dramatic!

Looking up-

This room really spoke to me because it is similar to a master bedroom I’m working on presently. I love the calm colour scheme and the rhinestones on the headboard and duvet add sparkle and luxury to everyday items. Don’t you love the belts wrapped around the throw pillows? Even if this decor is not for you- here’s a great idea for a quick accent change! Any type of belt would work. Also note the use of the mirrored bedside tables and the extra large lamps on them – it’s always nice to have something unexpected in a space, which makes it stand out from other rooms.

For those of you who crave colour- how about this bedroom in grey and juicy orange? Things that inspired me in this room were the nine mirrors in a grid over the bedside table and the framed sections of wall painted in stripes. As it’s not painted over a large wall, it can easily be changed when the mood strikes. There were bright pops of orange and tangerine everywhere.

Here is a more traditional room which has a curved , tufted headboard with sconces attached. Definitely a space saver for a smaller room. The curve of the headboard gives a cozy feel to the bed, and the simple prints hung in a row above it relate a sense of calm.

Okay- that’s enough of bedrooms for now! Here are some general pictures- may they inspire you as much as they did me.

Large numbers painted on these plain boxes give them interest and command attention.

IKEA’s kitchen display was  simply stunning! Not many of us would have the room for this – but there was inspiration everywhere you looked! At the back of the photo, an extra large centre piece on a coffee table becomes a focal point. Insert tall branches into a planter filled with floral foam and cover the foam with moss. Easy!!

A beautiful orchid is given some drama by adding some stalks of pussy willow, curved and kept in place by tiny hair clips. Simple, yet stunning.

I just love these modern, boxy shelves – I think I’ll try making them sometime 🙂

The simplicity of this art work is striking. Anyone could do this!

Reclaimed wood was also very popular. If you can handle a chainsaw- here’s a DIY for you 🙂

A beautifully designed room by Italian designer Piero Lissoni , who was the guest of honour at the IDS and is known for his elegant and casual style . Love the dyed rug , the natural wood side table and the stunning dining room chandelier. A great mix of natural and modern.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the show!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend, people!



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I'm a home decorator and home stager. I love to make your home look fresh and new using your own items in new, creative ways.
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2 Responses to Interior Design Show 2012

  1. tamsen says:

    loved all the inspiring images! thanks for showing me all the greatest parts of the show and saving me a lot of walking 😉

  2. Kailee says:

    stunning! wish I could have gone with you! Great post, very inspiring 🙂 favourite part was the belted pillows… simple and stunning. And loving the reclaimed wood as well! xo

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