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go for gold!

It really is amazing how tastes can change, isn’t it? For years  I have loved the cool , modern feel of all things stainless, but this love has started to lessen just a little .

I am absolutely loving gold at the moment- and just in time for fall and winter, as it provides a sense of warmth to any room.  Add some glitter to your space now and you’ll be ready for Christmas early this year 🙂

The best thing is that you can mix metallics quite easily, so you do not have to get rid of all those stainless steel appliances and accessories you already own.

As with anything “new” in home decor, start with a few touches of it throughout your space- too much will ruin the effect. It looks fabulous both in neutral and coloured rooms- black, navy, purple, orange, green- to name a few.

Could it be that the glory days of stainless steel are coming to an end ? Or is this gold obsession in fashion and the home just a passing trend?  I  can’t really say for sure – but let’s just enjoy it for now !

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spring has sprung and in home decor it’s all about colour,colour,colour!!

Add hits of colour to every room of your house with these simple and inexpensive ideas.

1. Paint or paper an accent wall.

All you need for this is a small can of paint or a roll of wallpaper and it’s so easy to change when you tire of it.

2Change your window coverings.

It’s always nice to have a different set of drapes on hand to completely change the look of a room for the season.

3. Add some pillows and a throw.

4. Change your wall art.

This home owner painted her own abstract design on canvas and then colour blocked the wall behind it to make it stand out.

If you don’t feel confident as an artist, there is the option of simply covering a canvas. There are many tutorials online for wrapping a canvas with fabric or wrapping paper for instant art work.

5. Include some colourful accessories.

refresh home staging and redesign

It’s not always necessary to go out and purchase these- use left over paint or purchase a can of spray paint in your favourite colour to make over items you already own.

6. Paint some furniture.

Again- just a can of spray paint can transform tired indoor or outdoor furniture and add interest and colour to a space.

7. Add flowers. A grouping of planters painted in the same colour and filled with flowers makes a huge statement. See how a bunch or two of colourful flowers make this neutral room pop. Sometimes that’s all it takes!

So, go ahead- add colour to every room of your home- it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and will lift your spirits every time you walk in 🙂

Enjoy spring to the fullest !


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Interior Design Show 2012

The annual interior design show was on again last week, and once again, it was an amazingly inspiring event!

For those of you who didn’t make it there , here are some photos for you to enjoy. Please overlook the quality of the pictures- I am definitely not a photographer as you can tell 🙂

This is what we saw as we entered. It was made of long strips of raw felt- very dramatic!

Looking up-

This room really spoke to me because it is similar to a master bedroom I’m working on presently. I love the calm colour scheme and the rhinestones on the headboard and duvet add sparkle and luxury to everyday items. Don’t you love the belts wrapped around the throw pillows? Even if this decor is not for you- here’s a great idea for a quick accent change! Any type of belt would work. Also note the use of the mirrored bedside tables and the extra large lamps on them – it’s always nice to have something unexpected in a space, which makes it stand out from other rooms.

For those of you who crave colour- how about this bedroom in grey and juicy orange? Things that inspired me in this room were the nine mirrors in a grid over the bedside table and the framed sections of wall painted in stripes. As it’s not painted over a large wall, it can easily be changed when the mood strikes. There were bright pops of orange and tangerine everywhere.

Here is a more traditional room which has a curved , tufted headboard with sconces attached. Definitely a space saver for a smaller room. The curve of the headboard gives a cozy feel to the bed, and the simple prints hung in a row above it relate a sense of calm.

Okay- that’s enough of bedrooms for now! Here are some general pictures- may they inspire you as much as they did me.

Large numbers painted on these plain boxes give them interest and command attention.

IKEA’s kitchen display was  simply stunning! Not many of us would have the room for this – but there was inspiration everywhere you looked! At the back of the photo, an extra large centre piece on a coffee table becomes a focal point. Insert tall branches into a planter filled with floral foam and cover the foam with moss. Easy!!

A beautiful orchid is given some drama by adding some stalks of pussy willow, curved and kept in place by tiny hair clips. Simple, yet stunning.

I just love these modern, boxy shelves – I think I’ll try making them sometime 🙂

The simplicity of this art work is striking. Anyone could do this!

Reclaimed wood was also very popular. If you can handle a chainsaw- here’s a DIY for you 🙂

A beautifully designed room by Italian designer Piero Lissoni , who was the guest of honour at the IDS and is known for his elegant and casual style . Love the dyed rug , the natural wood side table and the stunning dining room chandelier. A great mix of natural and modern.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the show!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend, people!


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Navy – the new neutral

Hot trend for 2012!

Just in time for the new year, there is a new colour trend on the design horizon!

Navy is making a comeback as a crisp, cool neutral which can be paired with unlimited colours. I have used a chart from Home Furniture Catalogues  to show you just how well it goes with almost  any other colour.

navy blue colour pairings

This colour also looks amazing with taupes, sands, greys, reds, etc.

This is why it is also considered a “neutral”.

There are so many ways to incorporate this hue into your home’s colour scheme.

1. Paint a wall.

designer portfolio

Traditional Home

Just one wall  painted in this rich, classic colour can drastically change the look of your space. Pairing it with crisp white makes it look fresh, and prevents it from being too overwhelming.

2. Paint some furniture.

Decor Pad

Most of us have a piece of furniture that needs a fresh coat of paint. Why not choose navy? Spray painting  the handles gold will give it an elegant new look.

3. Add a pillow or two.  

this fresh fossil

Adding some navy pillows to an existing colour scheme will allow you to incorporate this trendy colour in a small way.


4. Add some accessories.

If you’re not sure about a new colour, it’s a good idea to introduce it into your space with some accessories that can easily be replaced, such as a throw, lamp or lampshade, small rug or a grouping of vases.

Outdoor Factory

Here are some more inspiring pictures for you – enjoy 🙂

Home Furniture Catalogue

navy bedroom with turquoise and sea green

navy and coral colour scheme

Try using this rich, dramatic hue in your space and see how it can make a difference!

I’d love to see some photos if you do 🙂

Have a great week,


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beautiful storage

When someone mentions functional storage, often the first image that comes to mind is a stack of Rubbermaid containers. Although these definitely have their place in the home (the basement 🙂 ) , other storage can be what I like to call gorgeously functional. That is – to serve a functional purpose and to add beauty to the home at the same time.

These beautiful envelope-style birch veneer boxes with button closure provide an attractive  way to store  smaller items.  CB2 – $30/set of 4. This  laquered wood office storage box can also be used to store mittens, hats and scarves, while adding a pop of colour and glam  to any space.  West Elm – $39

I absolutely love the handmade quality of these Kottebo baskets from IKEA. Look at the detail of the stitching. They are made from coconut palm leaves, and add a natural element to your space.  IKEA- $19.99 These lovely Cargo Euro cases add a touch of nostalgia. I love the bright colours they come in, as well as the fact that they are made from 100% recycled materials. Great for storing make-up, toiletries, photos or other keepsakes   Home Decorators Collection – $29 set of 3

This magazine holder adds  sophistication to any room.  Urban Barn $35.

This versatile and sturdy basket is made from albaca-a rapidly renewable plant.  West Elm  $39.

Don’t you just LOVE these amazing knitted baskets? I like the texture and warmth these bring to a space. These are quite pricey to purchase, however- if you know someone who can knit ………. !!!     Ferm Living $112.

This beautiful storage trunk doubles as a bench , and can be used to store larger items, such as seasonal pillows and throws. It would look great in an entry way or mudroom. Target $79.99

Finally, how about this basket for just about anything you need to store? Use it for storing firewood logs, fill it with slippers for guests, or use it as fruit storage! Urban Barn $20


If you really don’t wish to spend much money on these things- hunt for  old wooden crates, vintage suitcases and baskets at thrift and second hand stores. Don’t let the item’s colour turn you off- all you need is a $5 can of spray paint, and you will have  unique storage that is all you! You could purchase a stencil and stencil words of your choice onto it to personalize it even more.

Hope this post really inspires you to store everything in style!


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cozy up your home

The temperature is falling, the days are getting shorter and we are spending more and more time inside. It’s time to prepare our homes for the steadily increasing cold!
There are so many things we can do to make our homes cozy and welcoming.
Here are just a few tips to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. Go natural:

Nature inspired objects add interest and warmth to a space. Place a wooden
bowl on your coffee table and fill it with yarn wrapped or grapevine balls or acorns,

or use a sea grass basket for newspapers and magazines.

Add a natural side table- (do you know someone who plans to cut down a tree?)

This one is from Dwell Studio for $149.

If you’d like to make your own,  click here.

Bring the outside in – use interesting branches in a vase , a large urn, or simply prop on a sideboard or mantel.

Burlap is back! Purchase or make some burlap cushions- another natural element for your room. I’m loving  the printed ones that are all the rage right now!

Want to try making these? Click here for detailed instructions . A personalized monogram one would be beautiful.

2. Add comfort:

A rug under your feet is bliss on a cold day, and adds warmth to a room-

Place a soft, textured throw over the sofa or on the end of the bed for easy
access to extra warmth –

Lots of pillows on the couch or bed implies comfort at its best. Don’t get too carried away, though- your guests do need room to sit!  Remove summery colors and hues, and add in pillows in warm tones and with lots of texture-

3. Add light:

Make sure there is plenty of accent lighting for those dark, dreary days.
Add a table lamp if needed for reading. Check out this stunning one from Currey and Company- priced at $625 ! Who wants to pay that much?

Any “do-it-yourselfer” could have something just as beautiful  made in a few hours! I hope to give a tutorial on this soon!

Use lots of candles! Not only do they provide a warm and welcoming light, you can also purchase them in beautiful scents. Votives and pillar candles look wonderful in a grouping for more impact-

Even if the thought of all that ice and snow makes you shiver uncontrollably, (can you tell I’m not a true Canadian?) you can make your home a sanctuary of warmth and comfort with just a few simple decor changes.

Keep warm , everyone!


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online redesign

Hi everyone-

It has been ages since I posted on my blog- life has been way too busy:) Now that the kids are back at school, I’m hoping to have many quiet hours making up for my neglect in this department.

I am very excited to share my new venture with you all – online redesign.

 Some of you may have come across this already, but it is a fairly new concept.

Here’s how it works-

1. You send me pictures of the room you would like to have redesigned.

2. I will then ask you to fill in a short and simple questionnaire-just so that I can determine your style, budget  and needs for the space.

3. I will then send you a detailed floor plan, along with a mood board and a list of suggestions to explain my design.

And just like that- you have a new space !

Online decorators’ fees start at around $500 per room.

As a special introductory offer I will give the first 3 people who sign up, a full online design for the low cost of $150.

If you have ever wondered how to get the most out of your space without paying high designer prices- here’s your chance!

I leave you today with a picture I took at the Interior Design Show- just to remind ourselves that summer isn’t over yet!

summer colours

Outdoor chairs in luscious colour

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