burlap and bling

There are two trends which are very popular in interior decorating at the moment-natural elements and typography. Incorporate these trends into your home by purchasing a few of these pillows. They are crafted from authentic burlap coffee sacks, imported from El Salvador, Brazil, Peru, etc and are extremely versatile. Their neutral colour allows you to mix them with any accent colour you may already have in your space. Place them on the couch, your outdoor furniture, your bed, a bench or an occasional chair. No matter where they go, they will look amazing! They also make a great Christmas gift.

They are available for purchase from ‘burlap & bling‘ in two sizes: 20″ x 20″ and 16″ x 24″, with an envelope closure. Each style can be ordered in either size.


The bold, graphic typography on this pillow will add a modern accent to any room.

Pillow cover ~ 12.00

With insert ~ 18.00


This cushion features a crocheted strip down the centre which offers a vintage feel.

Pillow cover ~ 14.00

With insert ~ 20.00

*Limited supply!


Here is one made from a Brazilian coffee sack.

The stylized design in red and green is a mix of modern and traditional, perfect  for the holiday season.

Pillow cover ~ 12.00

With insert ~ 18.00


The crisp, graphic print on this pillow combines the two trends mentioned earlier.

Pillow cover ~ 12.00

With insert ~ 18.00


The crocheted piece adds a touch of femininity to this otherwise rugged cushion.

Pillow cover ~ 14.00

With insert ~ 20.00

*Limited supply!


I love this french-inspired pillow, featuring a fleur de lis with an iridescent button at its centre.

Pillow cover ~ 14.00

With insert ~ 20.00


Pillow featuring a hand-painted “@” symbol.

Pillow cover ~ 14.00

With insert ~ 20.00


Royal crown with gold accents.

Pillow cover ~ 18.00

With insert ~ 24.00

Please note that burlap is a natural product and should be spot cleaned only.

To place an order, you can contact me at jr_refresh@live.ca or leave a message here .


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I'm a home decorator and home stager. I love to make your home look fresh and new using your own items in new, creative ways.
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6 Responses to burlap and bling

  1. Erin Schutten says:

    They look awesome!!!!!

  2. Kailee says:

    Lovvveee them! Super cool! Are these the ones you made??

  3. tamsen says:

    wow! incredible!!!

  4. danyse vandam says:

    chantel I still want to buy two with the lace in the middle for my outdoor chairs. consider them sold okay or do you stil need my dimensions? danyse

  5. kaileelodder says:

    love them!!! they are so cool 🙂 good job

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